The Palmography & Fortune Chart

The Palmography & Fortune Chart

The origins of palmistry are uncertain, some believe that it may have begun in ancient India, some believe it may have begun within traditional fortunetelling of the Rumanians. Within the homes of travelers. Despite the urgent of palm of Street being uncertain, the knowledge regarding Palm readings is rather deep. Other cultures have interpreted, but all remains the same. The lines of the palms indicate your Lifetime.

Although the palm readings are short, and simple reading. It’s one that is rich in detail, The lines of the palms indicate personality, who you may be as a person come and how do you make handle situations, both good and bad. The lines of your palms indicate love, how many heartbreaks you may have, when you may meet direct person. The land of your palms also determine how many children you may have with in your personal future.

The lines of your palms also can indicate what type of water, what type of profession you may enter. The lines of your poems are like pages of your life. Which each line of the poem, it tells a story. Your story, and this reading helps you to get a better version of not only the future, but also yourself.

– Written by Isabella M.

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